About me

This is not me.

This is not me.

I started writing when I was child.  I sat down to write my first novel (a fantasy epic) when my years reached double figures and managed to complete a first chapter.  It had action, it had gore, and it also had humour.  The latter, I would like to explore in a future post because it is quite apparent to me that, no matter how dark my fiction is, I am compelled to try to tickle the reader.  Whether my attempts stay in after the final edit is another matter.

There are probably two main reasons why I write fiction.  The first is because the English language is so rich, diverse and creative:  I love the fact that there are entire plays written in iambic pentameter; that there appear to be numerous ways of saying something yet each implies a slightly different meaning.  The second is the result of frequently asking myself:  What if?  The answers have taken me to some very peculiar places.


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