Ghastly grins – reflections in a Black Mirror

black-mirror-masksExcited to hear that not only is there a third season of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker’s dystopian television series, but that it’s also going to be screened at Toronto International Film Festival. I’ve been a fan of the man ever since I watched Dead Set, and I admire what Brooker has done with these stand-alone tales. I find them to be jaw-droppingly clever, disturbingly hilarious, and – if we don’t watch out –  truly prophetic.




Spam and the zombie apocalypse

Keeping your Pringles tubes, sharing your baked beans, moving to Kent, and listening to The Archers, all could be vital in surviving a global disaster according to this handy guide published on The Guardian’s website. The article has also proved useful in the research for a new project: a short piece about Spam and a zombie apocalypse which I’m co-writing with fellow writer, Nuala Rayne, whose work I greatly admire. What’s Spam got to do with a ZA? You’ll find out soon.

Happy reading!