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Loving my copy of Mythic: A Quarterly Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy, which arrived yesterday. Very impressed with the quality of the publication and chuffed to be featured among some very decent writing. Available here.


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It’s that time of year again, friends. The This Is Horror Awards 2016 are now open. Please send your votes to with the subject line ‘Awards 2016’. To cast a vote simply wr…

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Is It Really That Good?

I was with the Nameless Writing Group the other night, talking about various submission calls we had, or were thinking about, sending work to. It was when two of us were getting quite involved in this discussion that one of the other members said, “You guys and your submission calls!”

The old adage, ‘Writers write’, is very true: that is what we do. Here’s another one for you: ‘Writers like to be read’. Yes, even though we’re often viewed as introverted types, we love an audience, if only to justify what we do or get our message out there. So we submit our work for publication.

Is it just about that though? Publishers want to reap the best stories for their magazines or anthologies. Many paying anything from contributor’s copy of the publication to professional rates of pay, and of course, there are often hundreds of writers vying for acceptance. It’s this competition which forces me to try harder; it makes me continue to learn and improve, and not be satisfied until I’ve pushed myself to craft my WiP into my best work to date.