Droplets of Clarity with the Dettol No-Touch Automatic Antibacterial Handwash Dispenser.

dettol_no_touchMy characters follow me everywhere: on the street, on the road, to gigs and to parties, they even come with me to the loo. The latter can be rather unsettling, especially recently, as my latest protagonist is the Gorgon, Euryale.

I had just finished my business in a particular set of ablutions equipped with a Dettol No-Touch automatic handwash dispenser, the convenience of which is compromised by the amount of patience required to stand with one’s arm outstretched waiting for cleansing solution to be administered.

However, this long delay gave Euryale time to appear behind me. A rather chilling reflection in the bathroom mirror telling, not suggesting, – she always demands, after all, Gorgons have a ‘bitch on wheels temperament’ (thanks, HR Boldwood!) – a change in a certain plot twist which I was struggling with.

Maybe, what had I always perceived as a pointless contraption created from the advancements in anxiety-fuelled technology was not so useless after all. I am now wondering what droplet of clarity (not necessarily writing-themed) will form the next time it is used.

If anyone else has been struck by moments of profoundness while using a Dettol No-Touch Antibacterial Handwash Dispenser then please get in touch. If there proves to be an abundance of philosophical thought inspired by this plastic case with built-in sensor, I may decide to publish them.


The Profoundness of Holes

I was standing in my garage talking to a man who had an interesting way of coping. He said that whenever he had a row with his missus or he when he just needed time to think, he would pick up his spade, go into his garden, and dig a hole.

“Does it help?” I asked.

He told me that it helped very much.

I enquired about what he did with a hole once he had finished digging it.

“Fill it in,” he replied.

We both nodded knowingly.

This conversation took place over three years ago, yet I recall it frequently, and one day I might just dig a hole.